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Our Purpose

#iChope Events CIC was established to improve the lives of our community, communicate advances in research and to raise awareness of charities and good causes through co-created events.  Visit our programme page for further information.

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) and our purpose is to help improve the health of our community whilst raising awareness of members of our community.  CIC's are organisations who reinvest money for the good of their identified community and business rather than for private shareholders.  CICs are regulated by Companies House and the Community Interest Company Regulator.


At least 50% of our profits are distributed amongst our community.  Remaining profits are be invested into the CIC and used to stage events or experiences beneficial to our community.  

Our Community

we assist charities in

reaching the public by

highlighting the

profile of the charities

and/or good causes through

related marketing and providing

promotional opportunities for those

involved with #iChope events

Group of volunteers


we facilitate researchers

in reaching the

general public by

providing engagement

opportunities informing the

public of current research

and how the public

can become involved

Female scientist in a laboratory


we promote local businesses

through building relations

and   marketing activities

we facilitate B2B networking

opportunities to encourage

partnerships and business growth

we facilitate B2E experiences

by facilitating such experiences

Person's arm and items on an office desk


we enhance the education of students by involving them in #iChope events

we collaborate on creative efforts such as costum design, performing arts and event management 

students work alongside professionals to build their portfolios and grow their networks

Books on a bookshelf


we offer the local community

a variety of volunteering

opportunities during #iChope events

we aim to promote local

event ownership through

such experiences

we want the community to

be a part of #iChope events

Cardiff Castle

Local Community

we facilitate creatives by providing

an opportunity for them to

showcase their talent

whilst working alongside

professionals in their field

we encourage the professionals to hold Q&As/workshops/masterclasses with the amateur creatives.

Face with multicoloured paint


If you are a member of our community why not see how you can get involved?

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